Actresses willingly agree to sex-for-roles, says Joy Tambou

Actress Joy Tambou has spoken out about the sex-for-role phenomenon in the Nollywood film industry, saying that filmmakers should not be solely blamed. She claims that many actresses are willing to have sex with producers and directors to secure roles, rather than being forced into it. Tambou argues that actors do not need to resort to such tactics to achieve success, as it is now easy to showcase acting skills online.

While acknowledging that there are some who do stereotype Nollywood as a sex-seeking industry, Tambou points out that this is a phenomenon present in every sector of society. She emphasizes that people request sex for favours in many areas of life, from politics to law firms to the banking industry. Tambou’s stance is that actors must take responsibility for their actions and not blame the film industry for their own choices.

Tambou’s comments are part of a wider discussion about the sexual harassment and abuse of power that takes place in many industries. In recent years, several actresses and actors in the global entertainment industry have come forward with stories of sexual misconduct by producers and directors. The #MeToo movement has highlighted the issue, with many women sharing their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is important to note, however, that while it is true that there are people who willingly exchange sex for career opportunities, there are also many who are coerced or feel pressured into doing so. This can be due to power dynamics or a lack of other options. It is vital for industries to have clear policies and support structures in place to prevent and address instances of sexual harassment and abuse.

For the most part, the responsibility lies with individuals to make ethical choices and not exploit their positions of power for sexual gain. However, it is equally important for industries to create safe and equitable spaces where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender or background. The issue of sex-for-role is a complex and sensitive one, but it is essential that we continue to have open and honest conversations about it, in order to bring about positive change.



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