Agnes: The Unlucky Ghanaian Mother of 11 Blind Children


Agnes, a Ghanaian mother of 11, has been described as one of the unluckiest mothers on earth, having birthed all her children with sight deformities.

The heart-breaking news of her situation has spread across the globe, and many have expressed their sympathy for her.

Agnes recounted that her first child was born blind, followed by the second and third, all with the same condition. Desperate to have at least one child who could see and help take care of her blind children, Agnes continued giving birth. However, fate seemed to be against her, as she ended up with 11 blind children, none of whom have ever seen the world around them.

Her husband was a pillar of support, but unfortunately, he passed away in 1994, leaving her with the responsibility of caring for all 11 children. From their clothing to food, Agnes has had to cater to all their needs, even though some of them are now over 30 years old.

Although she ensured they received a formal education, her children are yet to secure job opportunities, leaving them completely dependent on her. While some have started their own families, the majority are still living with her, making it challenging for her to cater to their needs.

Agnes has expressed her desire to have her children trained to be independent or equipped with vocational skills, as she fears they will suffer if she dies. Currently, her children resort to begging to raise money for their daily meals, which she finds uncomfortable but has no other choice.

Agnes’ situation is a heart-wrenching one that has caught the attention of many. While her story may seem like an isolated case, it sheds light on the plight of individuals and families living with disabilities in Ghana and other parts of the world.

For the most part, Agnes’ story emphasizes the need for individuals and governments to prioritize the welfare of those living with disabilities, provide them with education, and equip them with the necessary skills to be independent. The situation also calls for support from the community and charitable organizations to assist Agnes and her children to live a better life.


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