Akosua Manu, Deputy CEO of National Youth Authority, Declares Candidacy for NPP Adentan Primaries

Akosua Manu, fondly known as Kozie, has made a remarkable move in the political arena by announcing her candidacy for the NPP Adentan Primaries.

As the Deputy CEO of the National Youth Authority, she stands out as the sole female contender amongst her male aspirants.

Akosua Manu, Deputy CEO of National Youth Authority, Declares Candidacy for NPP Adentan Primaries

Demonstrating her determination and commitment, Kozie has taken the lead by becoming the first candidate to pick and submit her nomination forms. This bold step showcases her eagerness to represent the interests and aspirations of the people of Adentan.

Her decision to vie for the NPP Adentan Primaries brings a fresh and inclusive perspective to the table, empowering women in politics and demonstrating that gender diversity is vital for strong and representative governance.

As a prominent figure in youth affairs and an influential leader within the National Youth Authority, Kozie’s candidacy presents a unique opportunity to amplify the voices of the youth and advocate for policies that foster their growth and development.

By stepping up to contest in the primaries, she demonstrates a strong commitment to public service and the advancement of her community. Her experience and expertise in youth empowerment, combined with her dedication to the principles of the NPP, make her a compelling candidate.

As the race unfolds, all eyes will be on Akosua Manu as she competes to secure the party’s nomination. Her campaign is likely to spark conversations about the importance of women in leadership and the need for more inclusive political participation.

With her focus on progress, inclusivity, and youth empowerment, Kozie’s candidacy adds a refreshing dimension to the NPP Adentan Primaries. Her actions reflect a deep desire to serve her constituency, and she presents a strong case for a better and brighter future for the people of Adentan.

As she charts her path towards the primaries, Kozie’s candidacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring young leaders, especially young women, to actively engage in politics and play an essential role in shaping the future of their communities.

With the elections drawing near, the anticipation is high, and the political landscape in Adentan is set to witness a spirited contest. Akosua Manu’s entry into the race injects dynamism and a sense of possibility, encouraging greater representation and participation in the democratic process.

As the primaries approach, all eyes will be on Akosua Manu, who has already set a precedent by being the first to step forward. Her dedication and commitment to public service position her as a formidable candidate, and her candidacy marks an exciting chapter in the NPP Adentan Primaries.

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