Angry Mob Lynches Two Persons Accused of Witchcraft

The Executive Director of Songtaba;Lamnatu Adams has spoken on behalf of the Regional Re-integration Committee of Alleged Witches to condemn the recent lynching of two persons accused of witchcraft in Zakpalsi;a farming community in the Mion District in the Northern Region.

The Committee has called for swift investigations to be carried out in order to bring the perpetrators to book and send deterrent to others who want to accuse and victimize persons over witchcraft allegations

Mrs. Lamnatu Adams also called on the Parliament of Ghana to be fast in passing the Anti-witchcraft bill into law to criminalize accusations and attacks on people.

It has been reported that on Sunday, May 07,2023, an angry youth in Zakpalsi,attacked Safura; one of the victims, at her residence. While reports suggest she sought refuge at the chief’s palace, it also confirmed that the angry mob matched to the the palace, overpowered the palace guard and subsequently lynched her.

Cherefo, the other victim of the irate youth was matched upon at his residence and killed.

The Ghana Police Service has since then been on grounds and initiated investigations the matter which just began as an accusation of the two deceased for being responsible for the illness of a woman in the community after a soothsayer’s consultation.

The Parliament of Ghana has sometime now, been working to make into law an Anti-Witchcraft Bill which seeks to criminalise witchcraft and other related offences.

The proposed Anti-Witchcraft Bill includes the prohibition of professional witchcraft or wizardry, prohibition against the accusation of witchcraft, participation in the declaration of a person as a witch or wizard, and a penalty against the chief or headman encouraging witchcraft in any part f Ghana.

A pre-stakeholder engagement on the bill  has already started with a meetup having occurred already in Accra last month to build supports for the passage of the bill by Parliament.

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