Ashanti Region Tops Fire Outbreaks In December  

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has indicated there was a rise in fire outbreak cases in the country from November to December 2022.

In its press statement, the GNFS further said the last week of December, last year, (25th- 31st) recorded a total of 226 which gives credence to a steep rise in fire cases from November to December 2022.

According to the statement, in December 2022, the fire fighters recorded 624 nationwide cases which represents an increase of 10.1 per cent, compared to a 567 cases in December 2021.

It stated also, that 210 and 153 out-on-arrival cases were recorded respectively for December 2022 and December 2021 representing an increase of 37.3 per cent.

“Out of the 226 fire cases recorded, 9 were domestic, 54 were bushfires, 33 were commercial, 24 vehicular, 15 were electrical installation, 6 were crown and refuse dump fires, and 3 were institutional fires,” it disclosed.

The GNFS added there was a total of 55 out-on-arrival cases.

Regional Breakdown

The service said the Ashanti Region recorded the highest number of fires cases with 36 incidence.

It was followed by the Greater Accra Region with 34 fires cases. Tema recorded 33 fire cases, with the North-East Region recording the least of 3 fires.

The statement further observed there were no casualties recorded in all the incidence.

It however revealed, that 12 road traffic collision incidents resulted in 34 injuries and 2 death in the last 7 days of December 2022.

It attributed the fire cases to some careless use of electricity and electrical appliances, indiscriminate burning around bushes, unattended cooking, fires emanating from gas leakage, misuse of naked lights such as lit candles and mosquito coils, improper storage of wares with limited ventilation, and poorly maintained vehicles.

Management, therefore, cautioned the general public to be vigilant by avoiding the burning of bushes, rubbish, and the negative practices that largely cause fires.

“The Service with the increasing number of fire and related incidents is poised with the support of the public to assiduously work to reduce the rate of fires through its continuous and intensified public fire safety education,” it assured.

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