Bloggers Are Part Of Our Problems – AY Poyoo Says

When Dr. Mahamud Bawumia came to power, he was dubbed the “economic wizkid” by many, but he failed to get the economy back on its feet, prompting Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, to label him the “economic Ay Poyoo.”

The MPs who considered themselves fans of AY Poyoo’s term came out when he was invited to the November 16 edition of TV3’s New Day program in the studios of TV3. The NPP participant on the show that day, Titus Glover, Member of Parliament for Tema East, felt insulted just because Mr. Mutala compared the Vice President to Ayo Poyo on the show, and the king of GH rap has come for him.

Taking to Facebook, Ay Poyoo poured his heart out because he thinks the impressions Titus Glover made about him were uncalled for and a great disrespect to the brand he has been building for years.


Taking to Facebook, he wrote:

Just so you know, I am not offended by what Honourable Murtala said. Obviously, I am a comic rapper and comedy is always a “Joke”. He feels the Economy is laughable or a joke and using my name or my artistic area to describe the Vice President’s performance, is his projection or point of view…
The other Honourable however was pissed as if I am the worse thing to happen to Ghana. He seems disgusted at the mention of my name and I think that is offensive to me.
That is very disrespectful and heartbreaking. The fact that I do comedy music, doesn’t make me a useless musician. I have the most original and organic fans across the globe. I don’t fake stats.
One thing that makes me sad is, Honourable was happy about the Wizkid comparison. Meaning there is NO ARTIST in Ghana with that quality when it comes to music?
Respect for creatives is very important and we expect that from people in high places. I am still the G.O.A.T.

On the same issue, Ay Poyoo attacked bloggers for not promoting his music but trying to feed off the discussion his name appeared in to get people to their blogs. Taking about the bloggers, AY Poyoo wrote:

I have released some songs this year. Nobody is talking about them. Some people even said I have to pay them to do a dance video.
Now my post about the political discussion has become a media “Buffet” for some ”Bloggers”. Misleading captions just to drive readers to their blogs.
You people are all part of the problem! You won’t support until there is something for you to feed on. You guys make artists do awful things just get your attention and be in the news.

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