‘Born Again’ Abena Korkor Disgrace a Guy Who wanted to Chop her after seeing her Seductive videos


Viewed by many as a real bad girl because of some of the s@ssy videos she occasionally shares online, it appears Abena Korkor  might have changed her ways all of a sudden.

Following her decision to share a lot of revealing videos on her Instagram page in the last few days, it seems a lot of guys have been busily waiting to have an actual feel and bite of what they see online.

As a result, one particular guy decide to try their luck and see if she will allow them to have a taste of her famous ‘honey’ pit.

This guy sent Abena Korkor a DM confessing his love and interest in her. In a rather hilarious manner, Abena Korkor replied to the guy telling him that it will only happen if the guy goes through Jesus Christ.

See the screenshot below…

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