Call for Entries: Advertising Association of Ghana Launches Logo Competition

The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) has announced a logo competition as part of its rebranding journey, signaling the beginning of a new brand identity. The competition invites staff members of AAG member agencies to showcase their creativity and design skills by submitting their entries.

To enter the competition, participants are required to send their name, role, and agency name to Once eligibility is confirmed, they will receive the competition brief outlining the guidelines and requirements for the logo design.

Furthermore, creatives who are not affiliated with the AAG can also participate by paying an entry fee of GHS 100. The entry fee should be transferred via Mobile Money to the designated AAG account with the number 0247 457 284.

The AAG logo competition offers an exciting prize for the winner. The selected entry will receive a brand new Wacom Intuos Pro, a state-of-the-art graphic tablet, along with a cash prize of GHS 8,000.

Entries for the competition open on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, providing participants with ample time to unleash their creativity. The deadline for submission is set for July 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM.

Participants are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of the competition, which can be found on the AAG website at Familiarizing oneself with the guidelines ensures compliance and a fair assessment of all entries.

The logo competition not only serves as an opportunity for AAG member agency staff to contribute to the rebranding process but also provides a platform for creatives from various backgrounds to showcase their talent and passion for design.

As the Advertising Association of Ghana embarks on this rebranding journey, the logo competition marks an important milestone in defining the organization’s visual identity. The chosen logo will represent the AAG’s vision, values, and aspirations in the advertising industry.

Participants are encouraged to think creatively, incorporating elements that reflect the AAG’s mission of promoting excellence, collaboration, and innovation within the Ghanaian advertising community.

The AAG eagerly awaits the submission of captivating and compelling logo designs as it moves forward in its rebranding efforts. The competition serves as an invitation for talented individuals to leave their mark on the future of the Advertising Association of Ghana and contribute to its continued growth and success.

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