Clenik Petrotech Solutions has the technology to end gas flaring in Nigeria, CEO


At the day 3 of the on going Nigerian International Petroleum Summit (NIPS) at the International Conference Centre ICC, Abuja, one of the delegates,Clara Ikuku
Managing Director/CEO, Clenik Petrotech Solutions
said that she came her with her equipments to showcase how the equipments works and how they could be deployed to stop gas flaring in Nigeria.

According to her,
“I came here basically to advertise my equipments which we in the Appalachian basin in Texas to eliminate gas flaring in our operations
My interest is reach out to the gas to the power program and gas to commercialization program and to show them what we are doing in America to stop gas flaring in America.

She further explained how the equipments are used to stop gas flaring.

“What the equipments does is that it streams the gas with water in the wells and streams that to the plants so that you don’t need to flare the gas.
You can then recycle the water and inject it into the wells.

Mrs. Ikuku further highlighted the importance of the equipments saying that they have been used in America with great success stating that if they were deployed in Nigeria, the problem of glad flaring would be over

Responding to a question, the CEO of Clenik Petrotech Solutions said she came here to Nigeria with the aim of collaborating with the Nigerian government and show them how gas flaring could be stopped.

A lot of people are not happy with the gas flaring in the world. infact, a lot of companies, banks don’t invest in the oil industry anymore because we are flaring gas but if we have this technology and show that we are not flaring gas anymore, companies and stakeholders would be interested in doing business with us because we are praying clean energy’, she added

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