Coalition of Muslim Organizations of Ghana Bestows Honor on Rt. Hon. Speaker Bagbin

Accolades and recognition have poured forth as the Coalition of Muslim Organizations of Ghana bestowed a prestigious title upon Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin.

The distinguished title “Saifu_llah,” which translates to the “Sword of God,” was granted to the esteemed speaker during a ceremony held at the hallowed halls of the Parliament House.

Led by Hajj Abdul Rahman, the delegation from the Coalition expressed their deep appreciation and commendation for Speaker Bagbin’s remarkable efforts in upholding and safeguarding the cherished Ghanaian values and cultural norms, particularly in the face of challenges posed by LGBTQ issues.

In response to this remarkable gesture, Rt. Hon. Speaker Bagbin humbly acknowledged the honor and title bestowed upon him by the Coalition. Overwhelmed by the significance of this recognition, he expressed his gratitude and assured the organization of his unwavering dedication to the cause. He vowed that the Ghanaian Parliament, under his leadership, is committed to passing the LGBTQ Bill by the close of the year 2023.

This momentous event serves as a testament to the impactful role Speaker Bagbin has played in defending the values that hold deep meaning to the people of Ghana. The bestowed title not only symbolizes his dedication but also underscores the unity and shared commitment between the Coalition of Muslim Organizations and the Parliament to uphold the nation’s cultural heritage.

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