Court rules JHS student remain in custody following assault on teacher


A Junior High School student of the Nungua Kroma Two school who assaulted his teacher is to remain in police custody till March 30th, an Accra Juvenile Court has ruled.

The accused has denied ever assaulting the teacher who punished him for failure to do his homework.

He also denied conspiring with 15 other men to assault the teacher.

The prosecution has been ordered to file disclosures by March 26.

The Court is expected to conduct Case Management Conference at the next court sitting.

The prosecution told the Court that the accused (name withheld) refused to do his homework and after he was punished for that, he dashed home to call 15 other young men who allegedly stormed the school in a Sprinter bus and attacked the teacher, inflicting wounds on his face.

The prosecution said the teacher and the complainant, Moses Onyameasem, was rescued by his colleagues and rushed to the LEKMA Hospital, Accra, where he was treated and discharged.

The prosecution said after the attack, the mother of the pupil also allegedly ‘stormed’ the school and assaulted the teacher verbally.

According to the Prosecution the development led to the closure of the School.

The prosecution said on Monday, February 22, at about 1215 hours, the teacher, accompanied by one Roger Asempa, the Head Teacher of the School, came to the Police Station with a head injury to report the assault.

The prosecution said the teacher reported that earlier at about midday, a student in his class and 15 other young men from the Nungua town came to the School in a bus to physically assault him.

The prosecution said a medical report form was issued to the complainant to seek medical attention, whilst a joint stakeholder meeting was held over the incident.

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