Dr. Duffuor Files For An Injunction Against NDC Primaries

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor; a hopeful NDC Flagbearer has filed an injunction against NDC’s presidential and parliamentary primaries scheduled to occur on May 13, 2023.

Dr. Duffuor as prescribed by his case before the court of law, wants a relief that would direct the first and second respondent;thus the NDC’s General Secretary and National Chairman respectively, to prepare and deliver a new voter’s register, five weeks ahead of the elections.

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor and team therefore requested that the court refrain the Electoral Commission from conducting the elections as well as for the elections to be postponed.

Supporters and team of Dr.Duffuor have not long ago, cited some irregularities that they say, could undermine the credibility and fairness of the elections, to the leadership of the National Democratic Party but appeared to have been snubbed.

According to Kofi B. Kukubor, Head of Research and Strategy for Dr. Duffour’s campaign team, through a signed letter  to the party’s headquarters;”having an incomplete and inaccurate register has a high potential of deliberately causing an irreparable damage to the bright chances of Candidate Dr. Kwabena Duffuor – which we are unable to countenance.”

Below is an excerpt of the full letter;

Dear Sir,
Incomplete/Inaccurate Voters Register

Reference our meeting with the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Committee of the National Democratic Congress on the 4th Of May 2023. From 1418hours To 1523hours at the NDC Headquarters

Upon initial review of the 220 constituencies Voters Register (Photo Album)we identified several discrepancies in the register that indicate it is both incomplete and inaccurate

Having an incomplete and inaccurate register is a significant issue when going into an election because it undermines the credibility and fairness of the election process.

A comprehensive and accurate voter register is essential for ensuring that eligible voters are properly registered, and for preventing fraudulent activities such as multiple voting, impersonation and being refused a vote on the day of election.

The incomplete and inaccurate Voters register has a high potential of deliberately causing an irreparable damage to the bright chances of Candidate Dr. Kwabena Duffuor – which we are unable to countenance.
Considering the findings, Team Duffuor is demanding the following;

  1. Postponement of the May 13th Presidential primaries.
  2. Stakeholders meeting to establish an agreeable roadmap that will guarantee the integrity of the Voters Register
  3. Clean the Voters Register within an agreeable timeframe to ensure free and fair elections
  4. To save the image of the NDC so that the party can have the credible voice to speak on national elections matters when the need arises.

Please, find attached copies of all evidence and detailed assessment and findings.

Kofi B. Kukubor
Head of Research & Strategy
Cc: The Elections Committee, NDC The Chairperson, Electoral Commission of Ghana”

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