Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom Urges Focus on Domestic Leagues to Improve Ghanaian Football

In a candid assessment of Ghanaian football, renowned figure Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has shed light on the underlying reasons for the country’s underperformance on the international stage. Dr. Nduom emphasizes that the key to raising Ghana’s football profile lies in addressing the challenges faced by the domestic leagues.

With a sense of concern, Dr. Nduom highlights that solely relying on players based in foreign leagues will not be sufficient to elevate Ghana’s football prowess. To make significant strides, he asserts that the focus must be on fixing the domestic leagues, which currently suffer from financial instability.

A primary issue identified by Dr. Nduom is the lack of financial support in the domestic leagues. Sponsorships for the premier, first division, and second division leagues, encompassing both men and women’s football, fall short in adequately covering player salaries and essential expenses. This predicament places team owners in a difficult position, often resorting to accumulating debt or exporting players to foreign teams to generate much-needed revenue.

Furthermore, Dr. Nduom draws attention to the unfortunate reality where some club owners prioritize personal gain over the financial stability of their respective clubs. This unethical practice sees them pocketing international transfer fees, leaving the clubs in a state of poverty.

To chart a path forward, Dr. Nduom calls on the candidates vying for leadership positions within the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to address these fundamental issues. He urges them to present comprehensive plans outlining strategies to make the domestic leagues more attractive to sponsors, advertisers, players, and spectators.

The appeal from Dr. Nduom underscores the urgent need for revitalizing Ghanaian football through a focus on the domestic leagues. By tackling financial constraints and implementing effective measures to attract stakeholders, Ghana has an opportunity to restore its prominence on the international stage.


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