E/R: 22 Injured In A Near-Fatal Accident At Suhum

Twenty-two (22) passengers have been injured in a near -fatal accident on the Suhum-Apeatu stretch of Accra to Kumasi Highway, at around 3:45 pm, yesterday.

The accident involved two cars, a salon car with registration number GS 1311-17 and “S 2M Express” bus from Kumasi to Accra with registration number GT 8177- 21.

IMG 20221121 WA0062 E/R: 22 Injured In A Near-Fatal Accident At Suhum
Picture of the S 2M bus and passengers in the stream

The accident which happened around 3:45 pm, Sunday at landed the bus loaded with passengers in a nearby stream, when he tried to save lives.

IMG 20221121 WA0067 E/R: 22 Injured In A Near-Fatal Accident At Suhum
Passengers felt lucky and thankful after incidence

Our Rep in the Eastern Region, Kofi Michel who rushed to the accident scene yesterday witnessed the salon car had tried to make a U-turn without watching either sides of the road; whiles the S 2M Express bus with passengers and in the process, the driver trying to swerve the private car lost control of the steering wheel and crashed.

IMG 20221121 WA0061 E/R: 22 Injured In A Near-Fatal Accident At Suhum
The salon car after the accident Sunday afternoon

According to report, although, there were no major injuries, 22 passengers including the bus driver had some minor effects.

Some of the victims thanked the bus driver for saving lives, even though they believed he was on a top speed, he did well to swerve the salon car who was making a swift U-turn in the middle of the highway.

A passenger who was very furious at the time of this interview observed the driver of the salon car was lucky to be an old man. According to him some of them rushed to the car to attack the driver for such an indisciplin and carelessness; only to find out it was an old man in a royal outfit.

The man traditional cloth and royal sandals, allegedly caused accident. He added, “How can one even drive in that outfit and with “chaw-chaw”(the royal sandals)?”

According to them the salon car had no insurance and road Worthy certificate at the time of the accident.

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