Efia Odo is threatening to sue Abronye Over False Accusations

Efia Odo is threatening to sue Abronye for falsely claiming that she is being sponsored by the NDC and that her home was purchased by Papano.

Efia Odo has expressed interest in bringing a defamation of character lawsuit against Abronye DC and others.

Efia Odo has been in the headlines recently for her activism in support of the #FixTheCountry campaign, which culminated in her and 15 people being arrested on Friday.

Meanwhile, Abronye DC, appearing on Wontumi TV, described Efia Odo as an opportunist who was denied money by President Akufo-Addo…a denial that prompted her to launch the #FixTheCountry campaign.

Efia Odo is seeking relevance, according to Abrony DC, because she was unable to make a livelihood in the United States. Efia Odo only returned to Ghana when the NDC was in power, according to him, and was bought a property by a government official at the time.

These statements have had such an impact on Efia Odo that she has stated that she is prepared to sue Abronye DC for defaming her.

She wrote in a Tweet:

Efia odo

It’s past time for people to be sued for defamation of character.

Remember, Efia Odo has been a vocal supporter of the #FixTheCountry campaign. She was arrested on Friday, along with 15 other people, for illegally protesting at the court’s precincts.

While many people support Efia Odo, others say she is only interested in herself.

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