Empty Bag With Air From Kanye West Donda Listening Event Sold For $7600 On Ebay


Recently, a fan of the American artist managed to sell his zip-lock plastic bag from the Atlanta DONDA listening event where Kanye West attended for a whopping price of nearly $8000. In fact, the original price of this bag labelled as AIR FROM DONDA DROP was $3,330, but the seller decided to launch a bid t make sure this precious item found its right owner.


bag from Kanye West listening event

And finally, the bid ended up at $7,600, but no one was sure whether the buyer actually paid for the bag in reality.

Besides the label on the bag and a short description that says “Bag of AIR from DONDA Drop – Kanye West – Mercedes Benz Stadium”, the seller also posted some photos of the zip-lock bag.

airbag from Kanye West Donda

To be honest, the photo didn’t evoke much interest or curiosity from us, but the name Kanye West and that unbelievable price really did.

Not the first time in history

The story of $7600 plastic bag is not strange to fans of Kanye West though. During recent years from 2015, eBay witnessed several cases when its users tried to sell bags of air from Kanye West’s events or concerts.

The total price of these bags is estimated at $65,000. Such a wow, is it?

Kanye West Donda listening party

What made Kanye West’s Donda so elusive?

The aforementioned Donda listening event at Mercedes Benz Stadium on Jul 22 follows the latest project Donda of Kanye West in 2021. In fact, this album gains so much attention because it is particularly elusive.

The album was set to be released in summer 2020 but then Kanye West canceled it for no obvious reason. The album cover was also leaked at that time before there was no information left about it on the Internet. People speculated that Kanye’s failure in his presidential campaign and a number of personal s.c.a.n.d.a.l.s with Kim were the reasons for the disappearance of Donda.

Kanye West Donda party

Due to all those things, fans were so excited when West announced his Donda listening event at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. It was supposed to be a listening party when fans could hear rough cuts of the music in the album. However, in the livestream of his team preparing for the drop, people just saw him and collaborators doing other things but making music. He lifted weights, got haircuts and slept. This again draw so much attention from fans, boosting the popularity of the upcoming event.

Despite that lack of preparation, the party was indeed more successful than expected. Other A-list rap stars also appeared during the event, including Jay-Z and The Weeknd.

Till now, all that we can say is Kanye West really knows how to be the centre of spotlight. And his fans are willing to help him maintain that status as well.


Source Ewereko Botwey/Ghnewsfile.com

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