Fans blame Sarkodie after Yaa Jackson smoke like Bob Marley

Rapper Sarkodie and his colleagues Shatta Wale and Co have made Smoking on camera look so cool that minors are now doing it.

A video has caused a massive stir on social media showing young Ghanaian actress, and musician, Yaa Jackson heavily smoking like nobody’s business.

Yaa Jackson, is a fame hungry individual who does the craziest of things to always getting the attention of people on social media but we didn’t expect her to do this.


The actress was seen inhaling shisha smokes through her mouth and skilfully exhaling through her nose like an exhaust pipe.

Her tact and skill in the viral video shared online has raised concerns among viewers who blamed Sarkodie for making the youth think it is cool and dope to smoke in the open.

The budding singer could be seen enjoying her private moments. Her behaviour showed she was not a novice but a professional Shisha smoker at heart.

While some blamed top celebrities like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, M.anifest and co for starting a bad trend in the country, others questioned why Yaa Jackson’s father, a popular Kumawood director and producer, Jackson K Bentum, is not bringing his daughter to order.

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