For Men: Five Types of Women You should Never Have S3x With In Your Entire Life

Men have been urged not to attempt having sex with these five women if they want to live long on earth.

According to the Founder of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro, some women contribute to curses on a man’s life if he sleeps with them.

The first on the list is someone’s wife. He said that it’s a curse to bed another man’s wife.

“A mason and his wife live at Amasaman. And you come in to sleep with his wife when he travels for work at Pobiman or Kuntunse.

When he comes back, the wife pretends everything is okay. If you want to live long, don’t go close to a married woman,” the man of God said.

He also admonished men who sleep with pregnant women, especially if the unborn baby doesn’t belong to him.

Widows were the third group of women. He said a man should not court or sex a woman who is still in mourning.

The final two groups of women are his mother and sister. Prophet Oduro swore that incest is a grievous taboo that can kill a man before his time.

The prophet maintains that fornication and adultery are the number one killers of men.

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