Galamsey Is A Threat To Ghana’s Democracy – NCCE

Chairperson for National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Madam Kathleen Addy has added voice to Ghanaians’ calling on government to implement proactive measures to curtail increasing activities of illegal mining; popularized as Galamsey in the country.

Addressing the media at a press conference in Accra to mark Ghana’s Constitution Day; Kathleen Addy observed the country is currently under serious terrorist threats which she linked to illegal mining activities in the Northern parts of the country.

She added, “Another threat to our democracy and our very existence is the destruction of our environment, primarily through the illegal activities of galamsey and through deforestation. If we carry on with illegal mining as we are doing now, we will very soon not be too far from the debilitating wars fought in Sierra Leon and Liberia in the 90s.

“As witnessed in Liberia and Sierra Leone when the country reached its vulnerable stage as a result of the monetization of democracy facilitated by illegal mining it destroys the democracy system.”

She charged the government and the various security agencies to as a matter of urgency, clamp down on illegal mining activities to prevent terrorism; which may lead to a breakdown of law and order, proliferation of arms, emergence of warlords, and a total breakdown of society.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, on several occasions has reiterated on the government’s commitment to the battle against illegal mining in the country which has resulted in the vast destruction of the country’s natural vegetation.

He believes the fight against illegal mining is a collective effort and as such cannot be won without the support of important stakeholders like the queen mothers, chiefs, and the traditional authority.

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