Ghana Bloggers Association Demands Refund from Surfline for Failed Data Purchases

Ghanaian telecom company, Surfline Ghana Limited, has come under scrutiny for the past three months due to unsuccessful data purchases.

The Ghana Bloggers Association has demanded that Surfline refund the monies paid by Ghanaians who attempted to purchase internet data but did not receive the data.

The Association revealed on Facebook that Surfline had received various amounts of money from their members and the general public, yet they failed to provide services to their customers. In a statement, the Association expressed surprise that, as a corporate institution, Surfline had not refunded the payments they received for their inability to provide services.

The Ghana Bloggers Association and the public have given Surfline ample time to respond, but there has been no promising feedback. The Association has called on the management of Surfline Communication Limited to refund the monies paid by an uncountable number of Ghanaians for internet data that they did not receive.

The President of the Ghana Bloggers Association, Andre Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah, also known as Attractive Mustapha, expressed sympathy for the company’s technical challenges. However, he noted that the company should not have taken monies from the public when they knew that they could not render services.

For the most part, Ghanaians have expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided by Surfline Ghana Limited. The situation has left many customers frustrated, and they are demanding a refund for the monies they have paid without receiving the services they paid for.

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