Ghana to experience onion shortage in Christmas – Onion Sellers revealed

Kwadaso Onion Sellers in the Kwadaso municipality have revealed that, Ghanaians should expect onion shortage during this year Christmas festivity.

According to them over 90% percent of Onion Sellers have already withdrew their services from the business due to the weak of local Currencies(cedis) inability to compete with the CFA and the Dollar.

They disclosed that,the onion they have in storage now is very small and they can’t buy more onion due to the continue falls of the cedis against it counterparts.

The Aggrieved residents traders compelled when they used to change few amount of cedis to get more CFA but now they have to change more cedis before can get only 10 CFA.

Our businesses are collapsing due to high duties and the depreciation of the cedis” they added.

Speaking in an interview with Angel Tv News reporter Bismark , one of the traders, Alhaji Santasi disclosed that as many people keep quiting from the business so as more youth also lose their job because they employ over 500 youth in the market.

They also called on government to do something about the fuel prices because the price of fuel has also adding up to the situation.

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