Hajia 4Reall Extradited To The US Over $2 Million Scam

Social media influencer and musician Hajia 4Reall according to news has been extradited from the United Kingdoms to the United States over $2 million romance scam.

According to federal prosecutor, Hajia 4Reall who is known legally as Mona Faiz Montrage pleaded not guilty to all charges in a Manhattan federal court on Monday, May 13, 2023.

The court’s ruling permitted an extradition to the US and a bail on a bond of $500,000. She has thus been instructed to reside in her aunt’s New Jersey residence in the coming days with a GPS tracking via an ankle.

Mona Hajia 4Reall Extradited To The US Over $2 Million Scam

According to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the Assistant Director in charge of New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Hajia 4Reall is facing a six-count indictment charges for her role in a series of romance schemes and laundering.

“We alleged today that Ms. Montrage participated in multiple romance scams – often targeting elderly victims – resulting in more than $2 million in fraudulent funds under her control. “Romance scams – especially those that target older individuals – are of major concern. The FBI will be tireless in our efforts to hold fraudsters accountable in the criminal justice system”, they revealed.

The prosecution also said, “Montrage received money from several victims of romance frauds whom members of the Enterprise tricked into sending money. Among the false pretences used to induce victims to send money to Montrage were (i) payments to transport gold to the United States from overseas; (ii) payments to resolve a fake FBI unemployment investigation; and (iii) payments to assist a fake United States army officer in receiving funds from Afghanistan.”

“Montrage later sent the victim a tribal marriage certificate purporting to show that Montrage and the victim had been married in Ghana“, prosecution added.

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