Hajia Bintu finally dethroned as another heavy backsided Ghanaian lady pops up

Hajia Bintu has been enjoying fame with her curvy shape and how deliciously well packed she looks.

Shatta Wale even composed a song for her which she herself got featured in the music video.

Hajia Bintu is undoubtedly the hottest sensation on Ghana’s social media space as we speak and every picture or video she drops of herself is flooded with comments of how sleek she looks with her assets behind.





The young socialite has been spinning heads with her behind but another heavily endowed lady seem to have popped up

A glance through her profile on Instagram shows she having a Ghanaian flag in her bio meaning she has an attachment to Ghana or have a soy spot for Ghana.

Her name however is Hanardy Hawa and she is so gifted at the back that people are saying she has dethroned Hajia Bintu.

Check he images below for your judgment






From her background images, she seem to be living in the United States of America.

What is yet not know is whether both Hajia Bintu and Empressnard are all natural or enhance through surgery.

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