Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah to Present 1325 Mathematical Sets to BECE Candidates in Okaikwei Central Constituency

Okaikwei Central Constituency, Accra: As a demonstration of his udnwavering commitment to education and support for the youth, Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah, Member of Parliament for Okaikwei Central Constituency, has announced that he will be distributing 1325 Mathematical Sets to BECE candidates in both public and private schools within the Municipality.

The initiative, scheduled for Friday, 28th July 2023, aims to provide essential tools for the upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in the constituency. The Mathematical Sets will play a crucial role in enabling the students to excel in their examinations and pursue their academic aspirations.

Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah’s consistent efforts to invest in the educational development of the youth in Okaikwei Central Constituency have earned him commendation from various stakeholders. By providing these mathematical sets, he seeks to empower the students and alleviate any financial burden that may hinder their academic progress.

The presentation of the mathematical sets to BECE candidates reflects Hon. Boamah’s dedication to enhancing the educational infrastructure and opportunities for young learners in the constituency. It also underscores his commitment to nurturing future leaders and supporting them in their educational journey.

The gesture is expected to be a source of encouragement and motivation for the students as they prepare for the important examinations. Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah’s benevolent act will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the academic performance and aspirations of the BECE candidates.

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