Housemistress Finally Opens Up After Final Year JHS pupil Was Found Hanging In School’s Dinning Hall

The Housemistress of Miracle Junior High School (JHS) where a 14-year-old final year pupil, Leticia Kyere Pinaman, allegedly committed suicide, has spoken.

Speaking on the sad incident, the Housemistress of the school, Gifty Acheampong, in an interview with Citi News, said: “I was in the kitchen when I heard the students shouting. I rushed there and saw her hanging, so I quickly rushed to the church auditorium to call the proprietor and the proprietress.”

Meanwhile, a sister to the deceased has spoken on the girl’s death.

Initial reports had suggested that she had taken her own life and even left a note explaining why.

But in a video, the deceased’s sister has denied the reports that she took her life.

According to the sister, there was no real sign that the 14-year-old hung herself.

She pointed out that there was no chair or table at the scene which the deceased could have used to climb the rope.

Weeping uncontrollably, the bereaved sister claimed that some people in the school killed her and are trying to make it look like she took her own life.

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