How An Eyewitness Recounts On What Really Happened At OSU KFC Armed Robery Incident

The day before today, we watched a short video on social media of bystanders reportedly searching on even as a robbery changed into ongoing inside the Osu Oxford road branch of KFC.

Video recordings shared from outside of KFC showed armed police officers getting into the KFC with masses urgency on the identical time as others regarded on.

An eyewitness discloses it to

At his request to stay anonymous, we would discuss with the eyewitness as Johnson. He have become in the upstairs sitting place whilst he  spotted men rushed into the washroom.

He and the others there did now not pay a bargain interest to them until the KFC safety came up and knowledgeable them that the guys within the washroom are “thieves”.

Even that did not perturb him and the others. What certainly made them admire the value of what changed into taking region come to be at the same time as the police got here in about 10 minutes later.

“The police asked absolutely everyone to leave the store,” he stated.

“whilst we were going out, I heard the police instructing the guys to pop out of the washroom,” she brought.

The police started out a be counted range down and about 5 minutes later, they were out of the washroom.

“i was very disoriented after I got here out of KFC,” Johnson said of the incident that took place approximately five pm the day before today.

In line with Johnson, no individual changed into injured by means of the incident.

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