How Mal.Madu Frustrated Me

How Mal.Muhammad Madu Frustrated me and Four other persons .

This is an interview with one of the former staff of FCE Potiskum Mrs  Rosemary Usman.
She explains to Mike Odeh James her ordeal with the Provost of FCE Potiskum

• He sat on the grant given to me by TETFUND
•Instead  of N1m, he offered me N400,000
• How he refused to sign our release papers till we refunded the grants given to us by TETFUND

Desert Herald – Can you briefly restate how Mohammed Madu as the provost stopped you and others from getting the allowances after he had accessed the money in your name
 Mrs Usman Jatau – I got admission with Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University in the 2009/2010 Academic sessions. and l was given sponsorship by TETFUND  25/11/2011,the then deputy provost Mal. Madu Muhammad advised me not to collect the money .
When I asked him why, he said because my admission was Mphil not PhD.
 But when I enquired from the University, the University officials made it clear to me that it has never happened. So, when I came back to the deputy provost, Mal Madu Muhammad to give him the feedback of my enquiry from the University,
However,he still insisted that I should either get a different offer of admission that read PhD direct or I should wait until I got upgraded to PhD status.
 But to my dismay, even after the upgrade, despite the fact I have furnished them with a progress report and a photo copy of a memorandum, which I collected from post graduate school UDUS. yet I was denied the money.

Desert Herald –  We also learnt he offered you N400,000 instead of N1,050, 000 , Please, the us more on it

Mrs Usman – In the year, 2017 when I saw that I have gone far and have even done an internals defense for the PhD program I decided to write to the management under the leadership of Mal.Madu Muhammad; you may refer to the letter I wrote dated 11-January,2017.

After I wrote requesting for the payment  ; to my surprise again I was given an offer of #437 000 simply because I attached copies of my registration receipts I made with the University, for transparency.
 So, they went and calculated where I was provoked by the last three words in the letter so I was prompted to write a complaint letter to the Minister of Education on16-March-2017you.may  refer to the two letters of: 11-january, 2017 and that of 16-March,-2017
 Desert Herald – We learnt that you wrote a petition and the provost hijacked  it .

Mrs Usman – Yes. After I posted the three copies of the letter, I had a discussion with a colleague about the letter I wrote, unfortunately he went and also discussed with one his friends and the person informed the college registrar.
The registrar called me to his office asking me if what he heard is true and I asked him to be patient because I am going to serve them with their copy.
I just assumed  that the letters were hijacked because,up till this moment nobody called me about it. I directed to the letter to the former  Minister of Education,and copied Executive Secretary. of TETFUND and the Executive Secretary to Nigerian Commission for Colleges of Education.

Desert Herald – Did the Provost finally allow you to access your fund after your studies ?
Mrs. Usma –Yes.That was when COEASU had some issues with the Provost (Mal Madu Muhammad) and the E.S. NCCE intervane and it happened I also copied COEASU my letter so, my case was included in their submission.The ES told him to pay insisting the TETFUND attached to my name had been accessed already, therefore he should pay me .The Provost then paid me in two instalments.

Desert Herald. –  We also learnt that, he refused to release you when you got employment with a Federal University .
What were his reasons ?

[Mrs Usman –His reason was that i didn’t finish the bond on me. I told the chairman COEASU who was the go between, that the Provost should release us ,since TETFUND my current my place of appointment were both Federal institutions, we would pay from there but Madu refused .

     We also asked him to pay instalmental but he refused.
Again we told him that, since he is owing us some allowances  we do plus and minus so we give him the balance still refused our request.he told the chairman COEASU to tell us that we should pay back the tetfund first that, when ever fund is available we are going to be paid into our accounts. So, we had no option than to collect account number he gave the chairman COEASU and make the payment just as you will see,on the remita and the receipt.
Desert Herald – How much did you pay to the account he gave you?
Mrs Usman  -I paid the sum of N1.050,000 .00 via The college Bank account as you will see on the attachments.

Desert Herald – How many of you were asked to pay back the TETFUND grant ?
Mrs  Usman –  We were four in number:My self and Dr. Zanna Kabiru have paid we are in the same University you can refer to the letters i posted to you yesterday.
While Mal. Shehu Jatawa’s case was that he changed the University from ATBU Bauchi to Mautech Yola Adamawa State after about 2 or three years of studies so, he was denied the TETFUND intervention completely but he did completed the Masters program at Mautech
The fourth person is Yahaya Abdullahi.His case is a more complicated even the  Emir of Fika intervane but all efforts made, were aborted. His own case is that he was being paid the tetfund,in both. Masters and PhD program while him and Madu were in good terms somehow along the line they had their problem which is personal things became hot between them so, Yahaya wanted to transfer his service to Fed. Uni. of kashere. So, he was made to refund the two tetfunds he enjoyed (Msc &PhD) otherwise he’ll not get a release letter; he refused to refund and he is still in FCE(T). Potiskum. 

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