How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup in 5 Guides

Africaown brings you essential guides on how to look beautiful without makeup If you’re a snooze button pusher, it’s likely you have little to no time in the mornings to apply makeup.

Well, when you don’t have time, you shouldn’t have to wish you could hide under the duvet all day. There are easy ways to enhance your natural beauty and look beautiful without makeup with little fuss or foundation.

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup in 5 Guides

Although makeup can do wonders and is amazing for so many reasons, you don’t always need makeup to make you feel or look like a gorgeous goddess. By concentrating on other elements of your appearance such as your hair, jewelry and skin quality, you can leave the house looking fabulous every day without a face full of makeup! Want to know how?  Below we share 5 easy ways to look beautiful without makeup.


1. Look Beautiful Without Makeup By Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin regularly is a must to keep you looking fresh-faced and beautiful. This helps to slough away dead skin that creates a barrier between you and the light around you.  By getting rid of this barrier, you allow your skin to be smoother and reflect the light better so that it glows.

Tip: You should aim for scrubbing your skin with a quality exfoliator once or twice a week to maintain a gorgeously radiant complexion that won’t require highlighters or glow-boosting foundation.

2. Beautify Your Brows

Eyebrows that are left to become fuzzy or too full have can have a negative impact on your face. Tweeze any hairs underneath your natural eyebrow curve to maintain a sleek brow shape which will then frame your face beautifully and open up your eyes. This season, eyebrows are a lot more natural and filled out, so go easy on the plucking.

Tip: Apply a brow serum to your eyebrows every night to encourage eyebrow hairs to grow thicker so you don’t have to fill them in with pencil.

3. Use An Antioxidant Moisturizer

Skipping your makeup routine doesn’t mean you should let your skincare become sloppy. To look beautiful without makeup, begin by concentrating on skincare products that keep your skin clear and gorgeous so you won’t need to cover it up with foundation or concealer. Use an antioxidant moisturizer or serum to give your skin the nutrients it needs to look gorgeous in a totally natural way.  Products with antioxidants prevent inflammation and reduce fine lines and aging.  Additionally, stay away from oily or thick products to prevent breakouts.

Tip: Remember to apply a layer of SPF after moisturizer to ward off skin conditions like pigmentation and premature wrinkles.

4. Wear Accessories That Accentuate Your Facial Features

Jewelry and other accessories can bring color to your face and draw attention to your natural beauty, so choose them wisely. If you have wide cheekbones or a defined jawline, opt for earrings or ear cuffs that are in line with your best assets. If you have a gorgeously smooth neck, wear striking necklaces.

Wear jewelry in colors that work with your skin’s undertone.  For example, choose warm colors (red, orange, coral, and brown) if you have a warm skin tone and cooler colors (such as blue, green, purple and grey) if you have a cool skin tone. This helps your skin look radiant instead of washed out.  Silver and white gold will look good on a cool undertone while yellow gold and rose gold make warmer skin tones glow!

5. Style And Cut Your Hair To Boost Youthfulness

Haircut: Having the right haircut for your face can peel off the years, making you look younger and more radiant. Speak to your hairdresser to find the right cut for your face shape. Your hair color is also important — a solid color can be aging and too hard on your features. Getting highlights in a shade or two lighter will give you a sun-kissed appearance that softens your face.

Hairstyle: How you style your hair also makes a difference. Braids can make you look younger, while also adding visual interest to your hair, while tousled waves will give you carefree and beachy hair that is always flattering. Focus on hair that’s a little ruffled, too — anything too structured and perfect, such as a sleek bun, can look too severe. Leaving a few tendrils of hair to frame your face while keeping your up do a little messy is trendy and adds instant sex appeal.


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