I Don’t Mind If Gov’t Delays Our Salaries To Pay Pensioner Bond Holders – Ablakwa Says

The Member of Parliament for North Tongu; Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who is rather known for fiercely criticizing the government says he would have no problem if the government fails to pay salaries of Members of Parliament on time so as to pay members of Pensioner Bondholders Forum their monies.

The parliamentarian revealed that it would rather be reckless on the part of government to watch the pensioners who depend solely on their investment to take care of the basic needs like medical bills and other expenses, lose their monies.

So speaking on Metro TV on Friday, May 12, 2023, Mr. Ablakwa urged the government to urgently find a means to pay the pensioners theirs monies.

He advised the government to cut down its expenditure and cited examples of areas the government could reassess. According to him, monies being pumped into building the National Cathedral, and free coupons could be channeled to settle the monies of the pensioners.

“I don’t mind if the government says it will delay our salaries, those of us in active politics now so the monies for these pensioners can be paid. I don’t mind at all.

“The salaries of all of us MPs, Ministers and all. So there are so many things we can cut. The salaries of the political class be suspended while we look at that.

“The fuel coupons, official travels, the cathedral secretariat. Why are we keeping that secretariat open and paying people salaries after all the scandals. You know this president does not believe in small things. He likes big things, big government and large life,” he said


Retirees have been gathering at the Ministry Of Finance from 10am to 11am every day chanting patriotic songs and mounting pressure on government to honour the about 19 coupons and 3 principals outstanding.

Many of pensioners fear the government might not honour its words especially in times when the government is undergoing a debt restructuring in order to secure a bailout from the International Monetary Fund; IMF.

According to most pensioners, the delay in payment has not only affected them but their dependents also.

“All we want is our monies to be paid. The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, promised to give us our money, but up till now we have not received anything.

“We are monitoring everything because we worked hard, there’s no way any of our monies will go unpaid that we will not track. We are not asking for any social services, we are asking for our money.

“Please convey to the Finance Minister that he must keep his word and pay us. We wouldn’t be here if he had kept his promise,” one aggrieved pensioner had narrated during an interview with the media.

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