I Got The Name Hajia4Reall Through A 30-day Fast – Mona4Reall Explains

Singer and socialite, Mona Montrage Faiz, is without doubt, one of the most widely-known Ghanaians on social media.

With her Instagram followers going beyond three million people, her account is a big one.

This has also ensured that her IG handle (name) Hajia4Real remains constant in the minds of people.

In an exclusive interview, she has explained how the popular name Hajia4Real came to be.

According to the singer, the name Hajia4Real came up almost 10 years ago and it was inspired by Ramadan.

She revealed that she was known as Mona4Real on social media which was basically Facebook at the time.

But after successfully undertaking the 30-day fast in the month of Ramadan, she felt she was the real Hajia and thus changed her Facebook name from Mona4Real to Hajia4Real.

After the name change, her social media influence has blossomed till now that she is one of the topmost influencers in Ghana.

“It was some years back. I don’t quite remember but it was about eight to 10 years ago. My Name was Mona4Real on Facebook and it was during Ramadan. I had fasted the whole 30 days and I was like ‘no I’m the real Hajia. I’m Hajia4Real.

“I changed my name on Facebook and boom Hajia4Real started going places,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hajia4Real’s daughter, Naila, seems to be ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps in making music.

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