International Bio-Statistician exposes Ghana’s EC, calls for Run-off…As he Pegs Akufo-Addo’s win at 49.6%


IMG 20210118 091302 International Bio-Statistician exposes Ghana’s EC, calls for Run-off…As he Pegs Akufo-Addo’s win at 49.6%

Dr Justice Moses Aheto

An International Bio-statistician, Dr. Justice Moses Aheto, has rubbished figures contained in Electoral Commissioner Chairperson, Jean Mensa’s election results declaration. He has also exposed the EC with what he called the real data and true reflection of the 2020 Presidential results in Ghana.

Dr. Aheto who pegged Candidate Akufo-Addo at 49.654% and Candidate John Dramani Mahama, at 46.795% using EC’s own data, has called for a run-off of the Presidential elections, describing the EC’s figures as “voodoo figures”.

He made this disclosure in Accra at a public forum organized by the Respect My Vote Movement under the theme,“The Credibility of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections”.

“Meanwhile for you to get the correct percentage of each of the candidates, you need to use the total valid votes cast and the EC, per their data has given 5 different total valid votes cast. So which one are they using?”, Dr. Aheto queried.

He emphasized that the EC’s new figure arising out of a correction to the earlier figures which she (Jean Mensa) referred to as inadvertent mistake was also fraught with mistakes, adding that the EC currently has provided about five different total valid votes casts

“Per the laws of Ghana, for one to be declared as president, the candidate needs atleast 50 plus one votes so clearly nobody wins the elections .This is not my data. This is data from the EC’s own declarations.

Dr. Moses Aheto who is also a Lecturer at the University of Ghana added that “so when you do that for President Mahama, he will get 46.76% and Nana Addo will get 49.65%”.

“…so as you can see clearly between this and this, there is no winner. What does that mean to you in a lay man’s understanding. It’s a run-off”.

In view of the above data and statistics, the International Bio-statistician described the 2020 presidential results as flawed and cooked.

Later, Speaker upon speaker including Nana Oye Bampoe Addo, a leading member of the Respect My Vote Movement Samed Akalilu all described the election results as flawed. They called on the EC to do what is legitimate.

“We are demanding that Jean Mensah counts all our votes and declare the winner of the Presidential elections”. They said.

“…The declaration made by the EC is not the reflection of the will of the people”.

Other Guest Speakers including the Director of Elections of the National Democratic Congress, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and the Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central constituency, Murtala Mohammed emphasized that the NDC will do anything legal under the law to reverse the travesty of justice meted out to the Party by the EC.

They also expressed their disgust at the projections made by some media houses during the elections which turned out to be false and prevailed upon them to apologize to Ghanaians and thread with caution going forward.

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