It Took Me a Year to Get Over It: NSMQ Quiz Mistress Recounts Traumatic Experience Of Bag Theft

National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) Quiz mistress, Prof Elsie Effah Kaufmann has opened up about the emotional trauma she suffered after her handbag was stolen during the finals of the 2017 NSMQ contest.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, Prof Kaufmann revealed that it took her a year to get over the incident, citing that the continuous reminders from people made it even harder to forget. She disclosed that the bag contained personal items such as the questions for the day, a calculator, a phone, a power bank, fancy pens, a book, backup glasses, and her wallet.

Prof Kaufmann expressed her gratitude to her loved ones who replaced most of the stolen items. She revealed that she received a phone from Primetime, the organizers of the programme, while a man named Mr. Prah from Kumasi gave her a pair of earrings. Furthermore, her sister’s classmates from Aburi Girls School organized and got her the exact same bag that was stolen.

For the most part, the incident left a lasting effect on Prof Kaufmann, but the support and love from her family and friends helped her to move on. Despite the unfortunate event, she continues to serve as the NSMQ Quiz mistress, mentoring and guiding young minds to develop their knowledge in science and mathematics.

The theft of Prof Kaufmann’s handbag at the 2017 NSMQ contest highlights the need for increased security measures at such events. It is essential to ensure that valuables and personal belongings of attendees are well-secured to prevent such occurrences. Additionally, the incident serves as a reminder to the public to be vigilant and cautious about their personal belongings, especially in public places.


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