John Dumelo Gives Akuapem Poloo’s Lawyers A Clue On How To Get Her Out of Prision ASAP

Actor and politician John Dumelo has sent out a message to Akuapem Poloo’s lawyers on what to do if they want to get her to skip jail.

The actress has been sentenced to a 90-day jail term but John Dumelo believes if her lawyers are interested in keeping her out, they will have to apply for bail pending an appeal.

Explaining further, Mr Dumelo said the move will keep Akuapem Poloo out of jail until there is a final judgement on the appeal proposed.

“What Akuapen Poloo’s lawyers need to do ASAP is to apply for bail pending an appeal. That will keep her out of Jail till there’s final judgement on the appeal,” he tweeted few hours after she was sentenced at an Accra Circuit Court on April 16, 2021.

John Dumelo reveals what Akuapem Poloo can do to stay out of jail

Poloo was given a custodial sentence for posing nude of herself with her then seven-year-old son to mark his birthday.

Following a guilty plea entered by her to three charges brought against her by prosecutors, Poloo was handed a 90-day jail term by the trial court.

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