John Mahama Criticizes Government’s Priorities and Saglemi Housing Project

Former President John Mahama has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current administration’s allocation of funds and priorities, particularly highlighting the government’s handling of the Saglemi housing project.

In a statement, Mahama criticized President Akufo-Addo for allocating over half a billion cedis to the National Cathedral project, which he asserts has faced corruption issues and is now abandoned. He emphasized that this substantial sum could have been better used to complete the Saglemi housing project, which would have provided housing for numerous Ghanaian families.

Mahama pointed out what he believes to be a political bias in the government’s decision-making. He accused the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government of deliberately refusing to complete the Saglemi housing project, which was initiated during his tenure as President under the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This perceived reluctance, according to Mahama, is due to the project’s association with his administration.

The former President called for a more citizen-centric approach to governance. He stressed that leaders should prioritize the welfare of their citizens and ensure that government resources and projects are aimed at benefiting the population as a whole, regardless of their political origin.

Mahama also criticized the government’s decision to allocate a significant amount of funds for what he referred to as “the largest civil excavation in Africa,” the National Cathedral project, while seemingly being unwilling to allocate funds to complete the Saglemi housing project.

In closing, Mahama urged reflection on the missed opportunities and potential positive impact that completing the Saglemi housing project could have had on countless Ghanaian families over the past seven years. He framed this situation as emblematic of the government’s misplaced priorities and its potential failure to fulfill its responsibility to the citizens who entrusted them with leadership.

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