Kelvin Tailor attacks Shatta Wale again, advice him to apologise or else face the consequences

Self acclaimed Journalist, Kevin Taylor is nit allowing Shatta Wale to rest until he comes back and retract his words towards Ongoing protests in the country.

Few days ago, Shatta Wale decided to make his intention known about this whole Fix the Country Saga and of course you know he is not going to leave his aggressive nature of doing things behind this time around.

While a large section of Ghanaians are desperate to hit the streets to demonstrate against the current situations in the country, The Musician strongly believes that is even a worse step to take.

He explained such a bold step could end up in a mini War using the situation at Ejura as reference where two youths lost their lives as a result of protests against an already murdered activist of the ongoing movement.

In numerous social media post He went on to describe the pioneers of the movement with all sorts of harsh words and thinking that is not enough, he came love yesterday to pour more petrol in an already burning fire that has since generated hatred for him from some section of the media including Kevin Taylor.

The ‘with all due respect’ show host didn’t hesitate to fire back at Shatta movement president while sending him a clear warning that his career is standing tall on his large followers and the very day they will walk away from him will be the end of his career.

He therefore advise Shatta Wale to comeback and apologize to the youths through the same channel that he harshly criticized them on.

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