Kevin Taylor’s wife allegedly files for divorce – Daddy Fred

Social media commentator and vlogger Daddy Fred has stated that the wife of US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor has allegedly filed for a divorce.

Taylor’s wife, Daddy Fred claims, is concerned that the litigation will result in the loss of all they own and is considering divorcing him ahead of time.

In a video released to criticize Kevin Taylor, he made these claims.

As he poured assaults and allegations on Taylor, Daddy Fred rant got people asking if he was just a vlogger or an NPP footsoldier.

It would be remembered that politician Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has sued Kevin in the US for defamation.

According to the politician, he is demanding an amount of $9.5 million in damages in his suit against the CEO of Loudsilence Media.

In his response, Kevin Taylor revealed that he is ever ready to face off with the maverick politician in court.

He vowed to expose the politician adding that he is grateful the hearing would happen in the US where the law works irrespective of who is in court.

Source: GHPage

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