Kodak Black, an American rapper, flushes roughly $100,000 down the toilet and into the ocean.

American rapper Kodak Black appears to have taken to heart the maxim “throwing your own money down the drain.

” He’s gone viral after posting recordings of himself flushing $100 dollars down the toilet and into the sea.

The films have gone viral, leaving internet users bewildered. The controversial rapper, who was pardoned by former President Donald Trump before leaving office, was seen throwing cash overboard in a video broadcast on Instagram Stories.

The rapper captioned the video with an expletive-filled remark after previously tweeting, “I AIN’T SIGNING RAPPERS NO MORE” and “F** a Friendship, I’m On Businezz!”

He proceeded to give all of his money to the ocean instead of donating it to charity after flaunting big quantities of money in front of the camera.

According to Billboards, fans believe Black tossed the money away because of a rivalry with fellow Sniper Gang rapper and protégé Jackboy.

In another video, he was seen flushing $1,000 into a toilet bowl. He didn’t hesitate to slam the door shut with his own fists when it became jammed with paper.

Observe the following videos:



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