Man Seeks Justice After Spending GH¢120,000 on Wedding to Pregnant Police Officer Who Gave Baby to Another Man

A Ghanaian man, known only as Tony, is seeking justice after revealing that he spent a whopping GH¢120,000 on his wedding to a pregnant police officer who gave their baby to another man.

In a heart-wrenching story shared on Kumasi based Oyerepa FM, Tony disclosed that his wife informed him of her pregnancy just two weeks before their wedding. Despite this news, Tony accepted to marry her and they went ahead with the wedding.

However, after the wedding, his wife gave birth and named the baby. To his surprise, another man came forward and claimed that the baby was his child. Tony was devastated and confronted his wife and her family about the matter. To his shock, he discovered that the biological father of the child was a well-known customs officer who did not want the matter to be made public.

Tony demanded compensation of the money he expended on the wedding, but the family refused to reimburse him. According to Tony, the family requested that he list the money he spent on the engagement and wedding, promising to pay him. However, after submitting the list, they informed him that they did not have the money to pay him. Tony has been waiting for over four months for a response from the family, but they have remained silent.

Aside from the financial loss, Tony highlighted his wife’s threatening behavior towards him, making his situation even more traumatic. He has since called for justice to be served in this matter.

For the most part, Tony’s story is a painful reminder of how relationships can go wrong, and the need for people to be honest and transparent in their dealings with others. Tony’s experience is a lesson to all that it is important to have a good understanding of the people we choose to be with, and to always take the necessary precautions to avoid heartbreak and financial loss.

Source: Adom online.

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