Media’s treatment of instance of 11-year-old kid’s slaughtering wrong – Martin Kpebu

Legitimate expert, Martin Kpebu has condemned the media’s reportage of the case including two adolescents asserted to have murdered 11-year-old Ishmael Mensah evidently for cash ceremonies.

Mr. Kpebu said it was unlawful for areas of the media to reveal the characters of the suspects, given that they are adolescents.

“Beginning all along, I should say that up until now, as a country we have not dealt with this matter well particularly in the media space. There is obvious proof that one of them is 16 years of age. In established truth in any event, when it began, the proof was that the two of them were under 18 but the media went down showing their accreditations. That isn’t right. It is a wrongdoing under the adolescent equity act. Writers could go to prison and there are fines so allowed us to do well to shroud the personalities of the adolescents.”

The attorney additionally communicated his mistake over the absence of compassion towards the suspects.

“Youngsters are as yet creating, their minds are as yet growing so with regards to caution, they are adolescents. They are more inclined to commit errors and carry out wrongdoings. We, hence, need to allow them another opportunity. I have heard such countless individuals mounting the overinflated ego and killing these adolescents. That is something we should dismiss wholeheartedly,” he said on The Big Issue on Citi TV/FM.

The youngsters supposedly baited the expired into an uncompleted structure at Lamptey-Mills, a local area in the Ga South Municipality, and crushed his head with a club and concrete squares murdering him immediately.

They accordingly covered him in the structure.

Police say the presumes wanted to recuperate the body at 12 PM for the alleged customs.

Four people have so far been captured regarding the situation.


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