Men, If You Want Ladies To Chase You Around, Here Are 4 Things You Must Do; Number 2 Is A Must

It is a general perception that men are meant to be the ones asking and chasing women around.

But wait! Is that what we see every day? I mean there are some men that are chased by not only one, but numerous women. What could be their secret?

In this articles, I will be telling you, 4 things you must do to make ladies chase you rather than you chasing them.

Follow your passion

This one is very important and will play a key role. Women naturally love men that have a future. If they perceive you are heading somewhere in life, they will naturally come around you. You don’t have to do much work.

Start up a business and make money, ladies will fall for you.

Don’t care much about Women

This one can be a little complex, women will easily fall for a guy that doesn’t really care for them more than the ones that do. This is very strange, but it’s true.

If you want women to chase you , don’t chase women, and dont’ care so much about them.

Always Look Good

There is an expression that says, “even if it’s not good, just make it look good.” Your mode of dressing and the way you appear has huge role to play in this matter.

Always appear the best, dress well, smell nice, apply perfume. Women will easily get attracted and fall for you without even talking to them.


Over the years, ladies have grown to love guys that exercise and keep fit. Exercise regularly, that might be what you have to do for that lady to fall for you.

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