Moesha Gave All Her Money And Properties To The Church – Princess Shyngle

As part of her repentance, former Slayqueen cum strong follower of Christ, Moesha Buduong aka Maurecia Buduong decided to sell her properties and and give the money to the poor.

This raised a lot of red flags especially with Ayisha Modi who felt Moesha was manipulated by the leader of the church she was attending.

Ayisha Modi emphasized that she won’t rest until Moesha got back all her wealth and properties because repenting doesn’t mean she should be poor and ugly.

However, things took an interesting turn when Victoria Michaels who is also a member of the church came out to state emphatically that Moesha didn’t give any money to the church.

Victoria stated that after giving up her wealth, not a dime of the money went to the church.

Well, an interesting twist of the story has just popped up and this time round Moesha’s friend Princess Shyngle decided to spill it all.

Princess Shyngle in a live Instagram video shared some voice notes indicating how Moesha decided to dash her properties to the church.

Watch video below;

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