Movie Review: Better Half by Ruth Kadiri Films

Ruth Kadiri Films: The movie revolves around a 25-year-old student who develops a mysterious connection with his much older teacher. He showers her with expensive gifts and attempts to conceal his identity while making her fall in love with him. Despite the extravagant displays of wealth, the movie fails to deliver a compelling and realistic plot.

Better Half by Ruth Kadiri Films
Better Half by Ruth Kadiri Films

The male lead’s performance is lackluster, displaying low energy and passivity throughout the film. The slow pace and moody atmosphere hinder the romantic aspect of the story, leaving the audience wanting more action and engagement.

Uche Montana’s talent shines, but it gets overshadowed by the unrealistic plotline that relies heavily on superficial wishful thinking. The movie’s portrayal of love based on material possessions rather than genuine emotions and substance raises questions about the validity of the characters’ feelings.

The film also perpetuates the notion that lavish displays of wealth equate to love, further deepening the divide between reality and cinematic indulgence. The focus on luxury overshadows the potential for a more profound and meaningful love story.

Additionally, the lack of diversity and uninteresting school scenes contribute to the overall mediocrity of the film. The poorly scripted plot fails to capture the essence of a believable romance, making it hard for the audience to connect with the characters.

While the movie may appeal to certain audiences, particularly those who appreciate displays of wealth, it lacks depth and authenticity. Nigerian filmmakers should strive to create more relatable and realistic love stories that promote meaningful connections and values rather than just lavish spending.

In conclusion, the film’s unrealistic plot and excessive focus on wealth overshadow its potential. Ruth Kadiri’s talent is evident, but the movie fails to deliver a compelling and engaging romantic narrative. With more attention to storytelling and character development, the movie could have been a more fulfilling cinematic experience.

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