No Alan no Vote”, ‘Ye de3 nie’ Ashanti Region declares

The momentum in the build for the NPP’s presidential election seemed to have shifted in favour of Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. Alan Kyerematen, with a bold declaration of support by the electoral in the Ashanti Region.

The frank declaration from the Ashanti region confirmed the notion of many party faithfuls that any candidate aside Alan Kyerematen will be blacklisted by the party.

In a massive turn of events at the funeral grounds of the late mother of Hon Asenso Boakye, the vocal youth wing of the New Patriotic Party confirmed the much feared stand from the Ashanti block, “No Alan No Vote”.

Usually described as the winning card in any election in the country, the latest stand from the Ashanti Block could potentially put Alan Kyeremanten clearly ahead of all others heading into the presidential showdown. The NPP grassroots in Ashanti saw Alan Kyeremanten and respond by cheering “Alan nie osono nie” “Yenim no firi tete “ “He’s our own; It’s our turn”

Described by the political pundits as the apparent replacement for Nana Addo on the presidential ballot , Hon Alan Kyerematen is tipped as the undisputed candidate for the New Patriotic Party.

The political fraternity in the New Patriotic Party is poised for a landslide endorsement of Hon Alan Kyerematen when the party needs to the poll in 2022.





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