Northern Group Blasts FFK, Says Gov. Bala Mohammed won’t defect to APC


A Frontline group made up.of over 100 youth groups, Northern Youths Leaders Forum (NYLF) has described as laughable, claims by former Aviation Minister, Chief Fami Fani-Kayode that he would Influence Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed and two other People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governors to dump their party as lame and laughable.

NYLF President, Comrade Elliot Afiyo expressed this at a world press conference in Yola on Friday September 17, 2021.

“We observed the defection by Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) from PDP to APC yesterday with little or no surprise.

“We strongly believed that this is the time and season for defections. It is our belief that whenever someone defects, it is obvious that he or she is pursuing something or something is pursuing him or her.

“However, we are surprised and astonished with the reason and claims of Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) for his defection, how he influenced the defection, of three PDP’s Governors to APC and his lame claim that he is in the process of influencing the defection of another three PDP’s Governors to APC,” Afiyo said.

NYLF said that while they remain aloof, tacit and obstetric to his claims that God told him to defect to APC and how he influenced Governors Umahi, Ayade and Matawalle’s defection, they take seriously with unassuming exception, his claim that Governors Ifeanyi Unwuanyi, Bala Mohammed and Seyi Makinde are on their way to APC through his influence.

“We are odiously convinced that FFK has the right to use his only and available political weapon and value which is his tongue, we make bold to say that FFK as we know him, has made a lunatic and vain claim to placate and please his Taskmasters and Paymasters.

“We are not surprised with this claim because former President Obasanjo said it on the 30th of August, 2018 when we visited him and I quote ‘”Fani Kayode is my boy, give him food, he will praise and sing for you. (Check Punch Newspaper 31st August 2018).

“We sincerely believed and truly too, that this is part of his praise singing which he is known for,” he said.

The group stated categorically that Governor Bala Mohammed will never dump the PDP for APC.

“WR want to state clearly without mincing words that Senator Bala Mohammed has not and will never defect to APC and also, he has never at anytime discussed the issue of defection with FFK.

“Senator Bala Mohammed is a Nationalist who always places the National interest above his personal interest.

“He has and still passing through persecutions, humiliations, prosecutions, character assignations, campaigns of calumny, frustrations, insults and even spiritual attacks.

“In all these, God has given him the grace to remain steadfast, focused and committed to his ideals which he always defines.

“Therefore, there is no number of forces which he has not encountered that are pursuing him which would make him to defect to APC,” NYLF stressed.

The group said that it is a general and public knowledge that the nation is sinking and there is every need for patriots and advanced citizens to come together to rescue Nigeria.

“Bala Mohammed by acts of commission or omission, has proved to us that he will be part and parcel of the Rescue Mission.

“No doubt with people like Bala Mohamed in the boat, Nigeria and Nigerians will be rescued in 2023 from the National conspiracy by the few elites which FFK is a prominent member by his actions,” they added.

On the Southern Governors’ demand for a Southern President, NYLF described it as a good development, however, warning that it does not reflect realities on ground.

“It is a good political development that the Southern Governors are now speaking collectively irrespective of political leanings.

“The call by these Governors is a
welcome development but it does not reflect the reality on ground.
Nigeria presently is facing an uncommon and unconventional situation which requires uncommon and unconventional solution by uncommon and unconventional President.

” It would be recalled that former President Jonathan was sincerely committed to dealing with the security challenges between 2010 and 2011 but was frustrated by some Northern elites who brainwashed the Northerners especially the rural North into believing that Jonathan was killing Northerners.

“Jonathan was completely blocked by the same Northern elites from purchasing arms to fight insurgency.

“It is our strong belief and candid opinion that Nigeria needs a bold and courageous Northerner who will take the bull by the horn and tackle the security challenges which is our major national challenge for now even if it means killing the trouble makers if possible, so as to bring desired peace,” they advised.

The group further at the briefing, pointed out that they are impressed by the massive infrastructural development in Adamawa State, endorsing him for another term in 2023.

“We are highly impressed by the infrastructural developments in Adamawa State.

“We observed with great disbelief that such a feat could be achieved in just two years in Adamawa State that is not part of the oil producing States. We sincerely commend
Governor Ahmadu Fintiri and his team.

“In view of this thereof, we want to assure him that NYLF will do whatever is possible
within the confines and ambit of the law, to ensure that he comes back in 2023 to continue with his good works.

“To this end, we wish to appeal to other parties in Adamawa State to collapse their structures, support and vote for Fintiri during the Gubernatorial elections come 2023,” they said.

NYLF assured Nigerians that come 2023, “we will have a President that will be referred to as Nigeria’s President of Nigeria’s extraction not Northern or Southern extraction.

“We should not be distracted, discouraged or despair because of people that are identifying with or Conspirators because of a pot of porridge,” they said.

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