NPP Diaspora Members Visit Dr. Apraku


A diverse group of NPP Diaspora members from Togo, Nigeria, Qatar, and Ivory Coast recently paid a visit to the office of Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, the NPP presidential hopeful. During the meeting, they engaged in a fruitful discussion about various issues affecting the New Patriotic Party and strategized on how to address them. The visitors expressed their unwavering support and encouraged Dr. Apraku not to lose hope in his aspiration to lead the party in the 2024 general elections, as they believe he represents the party’s best chance for success.

One of the chairmen in the delegation expressed surprise at the apparent reluctance of the party’s current leadership to openly voice their opinions about the government’s actions, possibly due to fear of backlash. In response, Dr. Apraku assured them that there is still hope, as they, as delegates, will play a crucial role in choosing the next party leader. He urged them to approach this responsibility with maturity and deep reflection on past and present events, ensuring that they make the right choice for the party’s future. He emphasized that the next leader must possess qualities such as training, competence, credibility, experience, and, above all, a strong sense of being God-fearing.

Dr. Apraku expressed gratitude for their visit and the words of encouragement and support they offered. The group, in turn, thanked him for his warm reception and promised to seek his advice again if the need arises, considering his seniority and esteemed status as a founding member of the NPP, the great elephant.

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