Onipayede Ossom Teye Warns Against Military Coups: A Call for Democratic Stability

In a Bold Stand, Onipayede Ossom Teye Urges Africa to Reject Military Coups

In a firm declaration against the backdrop of ongoing political instability in various African regions, Onipayede Ossom Teye, a notable presidential candidate and staunch advocate for democratic governance, has issued a resolute warning against the perilous path of military coups. This proclamation, outlined in a press release intended for all media outlets, highlights the candidate’s unwavering commitment to preserving democratic values and constitutional order.

Onipayede’s message focuses on the fundamental dynamics of power and how it is wielded in different governance models. He underscores the sobering reality that those in positions of authority often align their power with its source. Under military rule, Onipayede notes, this alignment often skews towards weapons and might, overshadowing the interests and voices of the very citizens they are tasked to protect.

The candidate passionately articulates the distinct contrast in autocratic regimes, where individual ambitions tend to supersede collective citizen interests. In stark opposition, Teye champions the democratic framework, where power inherently emanates from the people. In such a system, the rights and welfare of the populace are paramount, reigning supreme over any singular agenda.

Onipayede fervently implores the African populace to contemplate the far-reaching consequences of their decisions. His rallying cry centers on the need to support and vote for forward-thinking, intelligent individuals who hold steadfast to constitutional values. The candidate asserts that leaders who prioritize constitutionality and amendments to safeguard the democratic structure are vital for the empowerment of citizens.

Drawing lessons from Ghana’s history, Onipayede references the period following the country’s last coup in 1981. He points out the extensive setback it caused, leading to an 11-year wait for the reinstatement of a new constitution in 1992. By extending this timeline to the present, Onipayede underscores the potential for decades of regression in constitutional evolution if military coups are endorsed.

Onipayede’call to action reverberates with his fervent plea to discard unconstitutional entities that prop up autocratic rule. He emphasizes that true democratic progress lies in the empowerment of citizens through representative governance.

Concluding his message, Teye encourages Ghanaians to delve into Chapter Seven of the 1992 constitution, specifically Article 47, which pertains to the representation of the people. Promising to delve further into this subject in an upcoming article, the candidate solidifies his commitment to the principles of democracy, constitutional safeguarding, and the overall advancement of Africa’s political landscape.


Onipayede Osom Teye
Presidential Candidate Hopeful

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