FB IMG 1608410583991 OPINION: SPEAK OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.

Efo Worlanyo Tekpo (Middle)

Ghana needs a serious clean up.

Our institutions are now branches for Npp and Nana Addo. We don’t have a constitution now because every card bearing Npp person does what he likes and moves on. The only prove of citizenship in Ghana today is possession Npp membership card and not Ghana Card.

Our laws are interpreted to suit every Npp agenda. The media has gone silence because of fear and are pushed to say things that will make the government look good because the trigger is on them.
Our religious and opinion leaders are afraid to speak out because of fear of intimidation.

Our National House of Chiefs and other respected leaders have also taken side and our courts have become massaging centers for the Npp.

Our security agencies are now used to plot coup at our collation centres to forcefully declare candidates who have lost elections winners and this is heavily championed by the current IGP who has supervised the killing of 8 people in our 2020 electoral process.

President Kuffour must be a sad man wherever he is on how Nana Addo has turned our beautiful country upside down. He warned us as a Nation to be careful of the man called Nana Addo but we didn’t listen.

Kwame Nkrumah, Prof. Mills and President Rawlings will all be crying for their beloved Ghana where ever they are.

Iam in pain not because i want power but because of how Ghana has become lawless under the current regime.

Today in Ghana our constitution is reframmed to give blessings to anything the NPP supports and now called TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED and do my party members no harm constitution.

Any NDC person who coughs is arrested but others like Kennedy Agyapong whose actions led to the death of a journalists and as well threatened to kill a judge is a freeman today.

Where is Rev. Martey? Where is Rev. Palmer Buckle? Where is Dr. Mensah Otabil? Where is Arch Bishop Nick? Where are our Catholic Bishops? Where are the loud leadership of our Christian Council? Where are the Wisemen(anyansafo3)?

Why are they afraid to talk about Techiman and Hohoe where over 17,000 people have been disenfranchised by Jean Mensah?

Why do they want to wait for things to get out before they step in? Other countries at war because of election are human like us that’s why Nana Addo and Jean Mensah must be told the truth to do the right thing.

That’s why our judges must redeem their lost images in Anas expose and do the right thing to saveguard the peace of this beautiful country.

That’s why our politically motivated IGP must step down for disgracing Ghana police force that was once the best in West Africa.

That’s why i will support any Clean up exercise that will bring back hope for the Youth and make Ghana work again for all and not only our Akyem brothers and the Npp only.

Everyone will die one day thus why it’s good to clear your chest of any issue you have with your neighbor so that when you die your heart and face wont be covered with anger.

Overcome your fears and Speak Out my fellow citizens before it’s too late because it’s only when you speak out that you will be heard.

Speak Out! So that centuries from today it will be said that together we stood up against a tyrant government and saved our democracy

Speak Out! Ghana before it is too late!

I love my country and i want the best for it.

Am a citizen, Not a Spectator.

Still mourning Jerry John Rawlings.

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