OPINION: The media bias against NDC: WHO IS TO BLAME?

A section of NDC sympathizers

The NDC has always been complaining about the biases of the Media, Independent Civil Society Organisations, State Institutions and the Security Agencies. Every independent minded Ghanaian is aware that the accusations by the NDC are largely true. But who is to blame?

The NDC has governed this country for 16 years since the beginning of the 4th Republic. The NPP on the other hand, has governed the country for 12 years. If all the independent state and non- state institutions are biased against the NDC under these circumstances, who is to blame?

Is it by accident that the heads of all these institutions are doing the bidding of the NPP? The answer is certainly a BIG NO. The NPP through deliberate efforts push their people to the top of every institution, be it independent or otherwise.

The NDC on the other hand through deliberate efforts, prevent their people from getting to the top of their respective institutions. The NDC do this by deliberately putting impediments on the ways of their people. The NPP built a Tradition and create institutions that pursue their interest. The NDC on the other hand does not think beyond four years.

Radio Gold has been the mouthpiece of the NDC since the inception of the 4th Republic. However, the NDC left the radio station in a state which made it easy for the NPP to close it down. Now the party is complaining about Media bias? Isn’t it incredible?

Is the NDC expecting the Media Houses which have been established by the members of the NPP for the sole purpose of protecting the interest of their party to abandoned their responsibilities and rather pursue the interests of the NDC. How is that possible?

How many of your people did you push to the top of institutions, for which reason you expect heads of such institutions to pursue your course?

This was made possible because the NPP deliberately created a situation which makes it possible for them to push only their people to the top. Even after the NPP lost power, they were still pushing their people to the top via a situation they created before leaving power.

The NDC failed to take advantage of these conditions to push their people. Neither did they remove the impediments to allow a level playing field.

The NDC shouldn’t expect people who have been pushed to the top by the NPP to abandon the party which pushed them in the situation we find ourselves now.

When the NPP started scheming to remove Charlotte Osei so that they would be able to appoint someone who would do their bidding, NDC sat aloof, and left the fight for Charlotte alone. Togbe Afede and Agordzor was very vocal, but where are they? Where is Domelevo? Did the NDC go to the aid of any of them?

The NDC built the High Court Complex but they didn’t appoint any Judge to Man those courts until the NPP came to power and littered it with their sympathizers. I can confidently say without any doubt that the NDC failed itself.

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