Jean Mensah, EC boss – Ghana

There are lingering issues that could help parliament to be constituted properly. While these issues linger, the only person who can help cure the challenge is the Electoral Commission. Unfortunately, the Commissioners are running away from this responsibility. You know why?

As it stands, no matter the debacle, the EC has assumed to allocate same number of seats to both parties. They feel and believe that when it comes to the appointment of a Speaker, the independent candidate would give his support to the NPP to enable them take the speakership.

The EC and the NPP appear to have an understanding that once the speaker is elected, it would be difficult for that to be overturned because of the numbers needed to remove him. So they can come back and resolve the issues after the Speaker is sworn in based on these massive defects.

They want a situation where even upon the resolution, even if the NDC has a majority in Parliament thereafter, the NPP minority would still have taken the speakership because of the role a speaker is expected to play. That is the plan.

As we speak, Zabzugu will fall to the NDC. There are some polling station whose results have not been counted and under the protection of the police with the help of some chiefs. While that is yet to be counted, the EC clandestinely documented something and declared the NPP candidate in a shameful declaration that was done in the closet.

Sefwi Wiawso has one polling station results destroyed. The ballot box was burnt which did not allow a complete collation. That automatically means there must be a rerun. But the EC is no interested because that result is from the stronghold of the NDC candidate.

As we speak, Techiman South has one polling station results yet to be added. In fact, no collation has been done. And that outstanding polling station is from the stronghold of the NDC candidate.

The SALL area requires a representation. Adding them to Hohoe would mean the NPP losing the seat. Creating their constituency now means the NDC winning the seat, thereby providing the NDC the numbers. This is what the EC is not interested in.

You can see the clear maneuvering that our EC is engaged in. It has fallen into a clear political calculation such that the duties it must perform to see parliament constituted rightly, are being sacrificed on the alter of political expediency. That is where we are now!

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