Patrick Yaw Boamah Launches Insurance Policy for Constituents

On July 27th, 2023, Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah, in collaboration with Donewell Insurance and Ringfence Insurance Brokers, successfully introduced the Second Insurance Policy for the residents of Okaikwei Central.

The launch took place at the St Charles Lwanga Roman Catholic Church in Abeka.

The comprehensive Insurance Policy provides coverage for thirteen (13) Associations within the constituency, including Mechanics, Hairdressers, Shoe Makers, Chop Bar Operators, Carpenters, Barbers, Car Dealers, Car Washing Bay, Lotto Writers, Drivers’ Union, Coaches, Dressmakers, and Footballers.

The primary objective of this program is to safeguard the Associations in Okaikwei Central against various eventualities, such as Death, Permanent & Temporary Disability, and Medical Expenses. By offering this insurance coverage, Patrick Yaw Boamah aims to provide peace of mind and financial security to the members of these vital associations, protecting them and their families during challenging times.

The launch of the Second Insurance Policy represents a significant step towards enhancing the well-being and social protection of the people of Okaikwei Central. Through strategic partnerships with reputable insurance companies, the initiative seeks to empower the local community, enabling them to navigate unforeseen challenges and build a more secure future.

The comprehensive coverage under the Insurance Policy demonstrates Patrick Yaw Boamah’s commitment to supporting the diverse needs of various associations within the constituency. By addressing key aspects like medical expenses, disabilities, and unfortunate events like death, the program provides a safety net for the members, contributing to their overall economic and social resilience.

In conclusion, the successful launch of the Insurance Policy reflects Patrick Yaw Boamah’s dedication to promoting sustainable development and social welfare in Okaikwei Central. By leveraging the power of insurance and strong partnerships, this initiative will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the lives of the residents and foster a more robust and secure community for everyone.

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